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Burial Service Options


To begin funeral planning, whether it be for pre-need or at-need the first decision should be to consider the final disposition, Burial or Cremation.  This is a personal choice and one that may take time to consider.  The one thing you should remember is that you can have visitation and a funeral with both types of disposition.  Visitation allows the family and friends a time to be together, extend sympathies to each other and share stories about the loved one that has passed.  Remember, even if you don't have a specific time set aside to receive friends at the funeral home or church people will extend their sympathies to you sometime, this might be at the local grocery store or restaurant.  For this reason, we offer a safe, comfortable surroundings for you to receive these folks at a specific time and place that you choose.  Please take time to view the video below and consider Why You Should Have Visitation:


Whether you choose a traditional or a contemporary ceremony, a funeral provides a profound experience that ultimately aids in the grieving process. By gathering your family and friends you give testimony to the life of your loved one, you celebrate the relationships shared, and you provide a time and place for all who were part of their life to come together in a reflective setting.

Funeral Service

  • Visitation and/or viewing with family and friends gathering
  • Funeral ceremony with your loved one present
  • Location choices: Funeral home, church or another location of your choosing
  • Committal service and disposition of your loved one (earth burial, entombment, or cremation) follows the ceremony
  • Reception sharing food and beverage at funeral home, church or another location of your choosing

Graveside Service

  • Ceremony takes place at the site of the burial with the casket or cremation urn.
  • Reception sharing food and beverage at funeral home or another location of your choosing



Memorial Service

This is a formal or informal ceremony for family and friends without your loved one present. This may take place anywhere, anytime in conjunction with any other service options.


We encourage remembrance with each family according to their own traditions, culture and financial means. There are many options and ideas that can be combined to create a fitting and memorable tribute. The best cost estimate will come from sharing your ideas with a funeral director. We will provide you with a general price list and an accurate estimate for your review. To obtain a funeral cost estimate, contact Chandler Funeral Home, (740) 732 - 1311.

When selecting funeral merchandise and services there are many options to suit every type of family and budget.  Below we have grouped several different items together that people typically choose when they are having a Traditional Burial Funeral Service.  These packages are simply examples of what merchandise and services you may want to choose for a Funeral Service.  By no means are the packages listed the only options as far as merchandise and services that are available at Chandler Funeral Home.  We believe that every service we provide should be a personal one so we encourage you to take a look at the complete offerings of merchandise and services that we offer by Contacting Us and remember the packages listed below are simply here to give you ideas.  We our available anytime to talk concerning funeral planning and would be more than willing to forward you any further information you would like, such as a complete General Price List, Casket Price List and Outer Burial Container Price List.

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